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What does Project Manager do?

Asked by Tue Jan 26 2021
Project Managem
Answered at Tue Jan 26 2021

You want to eat a cake that is only customized to your preference, but do not know how to make one. So you hire a project manager. Project manager asks you a series of questions (requirements gathering) to understand how you want your perfect cake to be like. He then Google search and compare various recipes (resource finding and analysis) to get the best combination of ingredients and within your allocated cost (budget planning). Next he passes the customized recipe and the right amount of ingredients (functional requirements) to the baker (developer) next door to bake your cake. Throughout the baking process, the project manager just stands beside the baker, gives him instructions and keeps an eye on him so he won't laze around (progress monitoring) to make sure the cake will be ready in 2 hours (timeline tracking). When the cake is ready, project manager will first take a bite of the cake on behalf of you to make sure you won't get poisoned ( User Acceptance Test). After that, project manager alone will gloriously serve the cake to you and tell you that he bakes the whole cake by himself (owning all the credits) while the baker(developer) is busy baking another cake (upcoming projects).

You happily eat the nicely-baked cake (successful deployment), thinking that this project manager is so brilliant you gonna hire him again when you crave for delicious cakes.